Patch Call

Patch Call

patch_call_01.jpg Wayland, MA Police Department Logo

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control patch is in the state’s distinct boot-like shape. At the center, the Louisiana seal shows a pelican, the state bird, with its head turned to the left in a nest while feeding its three young.

The patch of the Wayland, Massachusetts Police Department depicts a historic scene. Pilgrims are waving a symbolic white cloth as the East Sudbury Plantation, which later became Wayland, was created.


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Evidence-Based Decisions on Police Pursuits
By David P. Schultz, Ed Hudak, and Geoffrey P. Alpert
Research on law enforcement officers’ perceptions of police pursuits has revealed several interesting issues.

Child Fatality Review Boards
By Gerald Kelley
To help their local child fatality review boards, law enforcement agencies must conduct thorough investigations of all deaths involving youngsters.

The Semisubmersible Smuggling Threat
By Douglas A. Kash and Eli White
Recent legislation has been passed that should prove a significant deterrent to the use of self-propelled semisubmersible vessels to transport drugs into the United States.

Risk Management and Police Training

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2008 Hate Crime Statistics

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Nonverbal Indicators of Comfort and Stress

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Patch Call

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