Patch Call

Patch Call

Aberdeen Police
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The Aberdeen, Maryland, Police Department patch focuses on the Maryland state seal as the central image. The graphic displays the farmer and the fisherman, symbols of Maryland’s primary industries during colonial times, standing on either side of the coat of arms for Cecilius Calvert, the 2nd Lord of Baltimore. Calvert was an English colonizer and the first proprietor of Maryland. The banner below the seal displays the Latin motto “Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine,” which translates to “Manly Deeds and Womanly Words.”

The patch of the Edina, Minnesota, Police Department shows the rich history and traditions of the town that the department serves. The central image displays the city’s seal, which it adopted in 1974. The seal recalls the Irish and Scottish immigrants who first settled in the community, as well as the mill they used to process their crops. The cloverleaf design that encompasses these symbols follows the general pattern of the city’s major highways. Below the image, the patch displays 1888 as the city’s year of incorporation.


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Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception
By David Matsumoto, Hyi Sung Hwang, Lisa Skinner, and Mark Frank
By recognizing certain clues, investigators effectively can identify deception.

“Donning and Doffing” Police Uniforms and Protective Gear
By Richard G. Schott
Police agencies must examine their policies concerning uniform and equipment issues.

Determining the Best Fit for University Policing

Leadership Spotlight
Self-Centered Leadership

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Coping with the Career

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Girls’ Delinquency

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