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Bulletin Honors

Bulletin Honors
Dearborn Heights, Michigan

The Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Police Department presents its memorial, erected in the
spring of 2007 following the tragic on-duty death of one of the agency’s officers in 2006. The
memorial is dedicated to the department’s only two officers killed in the line of duty, Officer
Robert Dowidait (1966) and Corporal Jason Makowski (2006). The monument was dedicated in May 2007 on the first anniversary of Corporal Makowski’s death.

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Good Decisions
By Brian Fitch
Law enforcement officers can improve the quality of their judgments and enhance their confidence in the decisions they make.

Leading the Modern Police Force
By Joseph Pangaro
Today, law enforcement leaders face many new requirements and responsibilities.

The Minnesota Police Education Requirement
By Susan M. Hilal and Timothy E. Erickson
Recent research has indicated that the 2-year degree requirement for entry-level officers in Minnesota remains viable.

Family and Medical Leave Act Amendments
By Richard G. Schott
Employers need to familiarize themselves with recent amendments made to the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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Bulletin Honors
Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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