Patch Call

Patch Call

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, was once known as “the oil capital of the world.” Its police department’s patch, in the shape of a yield sign, includes a representation of the city’s skyline.

The patch of the Russellville, Arkansas, Police Department features several symbols significant to the area. These include the arrowhead, atom, landscape, railroad line, ship’s wheel, and cog.


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Police Investigations of the Use of Deadly Force
By Shannon Bohrer and Robert Chaney
The use of force and the police investigation of such action can have far-reaching consequences.

Operation Spring Cleaning
By Shawn Schwertfeger
Partnering with the media led to a positive interaction for one law enforcement agency.

The FBI’s National Law Enforcement Safety Initiative
By Charles E. Miller III, Henry F. Hanburger, Michael Sumeracki, and Marcus Young
The FBI has expanded its Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted program to help prevent the death or serious injury of this nation’s sworn personnel.

Notable Speech
Honoring the Fallen

ViCAP Alert
Unidentified Recovered Body

Bulletin Reports
Victim Assistance, People with Mental Illnesses, Drug Control Budget Summary, Criminal Victimization, 2007

Police Practice
The Anatomy of a Police Pipe Band

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Patch Call

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