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Unusual Weapons

Cartridge Knives

These photos depict what appears to be a cartridge in a metallic case. Instead, a metal blade is inside the cartridge. Such objects pose a serious threat to law enforcement officers.

Unusual WeaponUnusual Weapon

Unusual WeaponUnusual Weapon


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A Model for Success in the Drug War
By Kelly J. Thomas
Law enforcement agencies can succeed in this battle despite the formidable enemies they face.

Systematic Pattern Response Strategy
By Roberto Santos
With the limited resources that police executives face today, it is necessary, more than ever, for organizations to employ systematic crime-reduction efforts to become more efficient and effective.

The "Public Safety" Exception to Miranda
By Carl A. Benoit
One exception to the Miranda rule permits officers to conduct a limited and focused unwarned interrogation and allows the statement to serve as direct evidence.

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Inspirational Leaders Suspend Their Ego

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Unusual Weapons
Cartridge Knives

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