Patch Call

Patch Call

Tulsa Police patch Russellville, Arkansas Police Department patch

The Granite County, Montana Sheriff’s Office is housed in the tower of the county jail, in continuous use since it was built in 1896, depicted in the center of the patch. The flag tied with the yellow ribbon shows patriotism and support for men and women serving in the military. The mountains, blue sky, and green grass represent the area’s beauty and cleanliness.

The patch of the Exeter, New Hampshire Police Department depicts the Exeter Powder House, built in 1771 and used to store gun powder during the Revolutionary War. Exeter served as the “Revolutionary War Capital” of the state, as denoted on the patch. In 1776, the New Hampshire State Constitution was signed in Exeter.


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Campus Safety
By Mario Scalora, Andre Simons, and Shawn VanSlyke
Effective assessment and management strategies can help authorities address various threats facing campuses.

Threat Assessment Teams
By Steve Albrecht
Threat assessment teams strive to prevent or manage violence at schools and workplaces.

Retaliation in Discrimination Cases
By Lisa A. Baker, J.D.
Employers should take proactive steps to train managers to ensure that they understand the concept of retaliation.

Leadership Spotlight
Hey, Did You Hear About...?

The Tragic Toll of Police Work

Unusual Weapon
Pepper Pager

Bulletin Reports
Stalking Victimization, Language Barriers, Reducing Crime, Community Policing

ViCAP Alert
Homicide Victim

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Patch Call

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