Patch Call

Patch Call


The village of Ossining (meaning “stone on stone”), New York, was incorporated in 1813 as Sing Sing. Though the village changed its name in 1901 to avoid confusion with the famous local prison, its police department patch depicts on the upper left the facility’s historic walls. Also shown are the dual arches of a roadway and former aqueduct and a canoe moving down the Hudson River.

The County of Plymouth, Massachusetts, was established on June 2, 1685, by the General Court of Plymouth Colony. The patch of its sheriff’s department shows the Mayflower at rest after landing its passengers on Plymouth Rock in 1620. Around the ship is a chaplet of 27 pearls, each representing the municipalities that form the county government.


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The Employee Wellness Plan
By Mark E. McDonough
Law enforcement administrators should focus a sufficient amount of attention on the full spectrum of officer wellness.

Leadership Spotlight
Leadership Tunnel Vision

Peel’s Legacy
By M.A. Lewis

Analyzing Organizational Performance From the Bottom Up
By W. Michael Phibbs
Agencies must identify and address important employee-related factors.

Police Practice
Educating Young Drivers About Alcohol
By Patrick Gallagher, M.P.A.

Bulletin Honors
San Leandro Public Safety Memorial, California

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Patch Call

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