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Bulletin Honors

Bulletin Honors San Leandro Public Safety Memorial, California

Bulletin Honors
San Leandro Public Safety Memorial, California


The San Leandro Public Safety Memorial in California depicts police offers, firefighters, and their respective equipment. The back face of the memorial is etched black granite illustrating historic photographs. Brass front plates portray the scales of justice and other symbolic artifacts present in police and fire service. An eternal flame between the front and black plates, comprised of LED lighting, provides continuous illumination. The center of the brass front plate is emblazoned with insignias and mottos of the police and fire departments. An inscription on the plate reads, “We serve the public for the good of the community; to uplift the fallen, to protect the defenseless, to comfort those in need, and to ensure the safety of all. We are the police and firefighters of San Leandro. The tools of our trade are much more than the metal and plastic and rubber from which they are made. These tools become an extension of the hearts and hands of the professionals who use them. Touch them and you touch us.”