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2011 Subject Index

2011 Subject Index

2011 Subject Index

“Accountability: Prerequisites Required,” Scott Bieber, May, p. 18.

“Analyzing Organizational Performance: From the Bottom Up,” W. Michael Phibbs, December, p. 12.

“Strategies for Curbing Organizational Politics,” Tracey G. Gove, January, p. 18.

“The Two Roles of Supervision in Performance Counseling,” Brian Fitch, March, p. 10.

“Writing Policy and Procedure Manuals in a Small Campus Police Environment,” Robert A. Johnson, February, p. 6.

Jan 2011 CoverCrime Problems
“Decreasing Urban Crime,” John Dixon III and Ester Hyatt, March, p. 20.

“Human Sex Trafficking,” Amanda Walker-Rodriguez and Rodney Hill, March, p. 1.

“Workplace Violence Prevention: Readiness and Response,” Stephen J. Romano, Micol E. Levi-Minzi, Eugene A. Rugala, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt, January, p. 1.

“A Model for Success in the Drug War,” Kelly J. Thomas, February, p. 1.

“Police Corruption: An Analytical Look into Police Ethics,” Rich Martin, May, p. 11.

“Rethinking Ethics in Law Enforcement,” Brian D. Fitch, October, p. 18.

Gangs “Combating Gangsters Online,” Matthew O’Deane, April, p. 1.

“Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception,” David Matsumoto, Hyi Sung Hwang, Lisa Skinner, and Mark Frank, June, p. 1. 

Feb 2011 CoverJuveniles
“Addressing School Violence,” Brandi Booth, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, and Gregory M. Vecchi, May, p. 1.

“Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Team,” Ashli-Jade Douglas, November, p. 8.

“Child Abductions: Known Relationships Are the Greater Danger,” Ashli-Jade Douglas, August, p. 8.

“The Child and Family Leadership Exchange,” Gerald Kelley, January, p. 11.

“Educating Young Drivers About Alcohol,” Patrick Gallagher, December, p. 20.

“Policing in Public Schools: Beyond the Active Shooter,” Gary D. Rudick, November, p. 16.

“Are You an Effective Leader?” Cory Amend, April, p. 8.

“Candor: A Risk You Can Afford to Take,” Gregory Milonovich, October, p. 17.

Changing Roles,” Deborah Southard, January, p. 23.

“Inspirational Leaders Suspend Their Ego,” Robin K. Dreeke, February, p. 11.

“Leadership Etiquette and Common Sense,” Thomas J. Karabanoff, March, p. 19.

“Leadership Legacies: Reflections on Retiring,” Doug Merel, August, p. 24.

“Leadership Moments,” Billy Grogan, October, p. 10.

“Leadership Tunnel Vision,” J.E. Granderson, December, p. 6.

“Learning From Failure,” Gregory M. Milonovich, November, p. 22.

“Making Officers’ Lives Better,” Michael O. McAuliffe, July, p. 11.

“Principles of Effective Law Enforcement Leadership,” Dan Willis, March, p. 16.

“Seasons,” Jeffrey C. Lindsey, May, p. 23.

“Self-Centered Leadership,” Kevin J. Crawford, June, p. 14.

“Tuesdays with Terry,” Michael McAuliffe, September, p. 11.

“What Does it Take to Excel?” Wyn Lohner, August, p. 20.

March 2011 CoverLegal Issues
“An Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008,” Lisa A. Baker, August, p. 25.

“Disclosure in the Modern Age,” Craig C. King, October, p. 25.

“‘Donning and Doffing’ Police Uniforms and Protective Gear Under the Fair Labor Standards Act,” Richard G. Schott, June, p. 26.

“The Emergency Aid Exception to the Fourth Amendment’s Warrant Requirement,” Michael T. Pettry, March, p. 26.

“Off-Duty Officers and Firearms,” Michael J. Bulzomi, January, p. 24.

“The ‘Public Safety’ Exception to Miranda,” Carl A. Benoit, February, p. 25.

“Searches of Motor Vehicles Incident to Arrest in a Post-Gant World,” Kenneth A. Myers, April, p. 24.

“Supreme Court Cases: 2010-2011 Term,” Michael J. Bulzomi, November, p. 23.

Mental Illness
“Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease,” Robert Schaefer and Julie McNiff, October, p. 12.

“The Early Notification Program,” Kent D. Crutcher, July, p. 12.

“Responding to Persons with Mental Illness,” Abigail S. Tucker, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, Gregory M. Vecchi, and Samuel L. Browning, October, p. 1.

“Building an Effective Property Room,” Ceaser Moore, August, p. 10.

“Incorporating Hot-Spots Policing into Your Daily Patrol Plan,” Gary Hoelzer and Jim Gorman, November, p. 10.

“Peel’s Legacy,” M.A. Lewis, December, p. 8.

“Police Negotiations with War Veterans: Seeing Through the Residual Fog of War,” Douglas Etter, Liane B. McCarthy, and Michael J. Asken, July, p. 1.

“Systematic Pattern Response Strategy: Protecting the Beehive,” Roberto Santos, February, p. 12.

“Coping with Line-of-Duty Exposure to Child Pornography/Exploitation Materials,” Nicole Cruz, April, p. 14.

“Determining the Best Fit for University Policing,” Robert A. Johnson, June, p. 9.

“The Employee Wellness Plan: A Strategy for Fighting the ‘Evil from Within,’”  Mark E. McDonough, December, p. 1.

“Ingesting Poison: Adapting to Exposure to Child Pornography,” Nicole Cruz, October, p. 7. “Responding to a Child Predator’s Suicide,” Nicole Cruz, January, p. 16.

“Vicarious Traumatization and Spirituality in Law Enforcement,” Lynn A. Tovar, July, p. 16.

May 2011 CoverResearch
“Coping with the Career: A Review of Acquired Life Patterns of Veteran Officers,” Gary L. Patton,  June, p. 16.

“The Current Status of GSR Examinations,” Michael Trimpe, May, p. 24.

“Analysis of Digital Financial Data,” Robert L. Kardell, August, p. 1.

“Digital Evidence,” Stuart Cameron, August, p. 14.

“Harnessing Technology to Transform a Police Department,” Cam Coppess, April, p. 18.

“Cyber Terror,” William L. Tafoya, November, p. 1.

“The Evolution of Terrorism Since 9/11,” Lauren B. O’Brien, September, p. 3.

“The Hosam Smadi Case: An Example of Success,” Thomas D. Petrowski, Michael W. Howell, David W. Marshall, and Sheeren Zaidi, September, p. 12.

“Partners in the Battle,” Ricardo A. Martinez, February, p. 21.

“Radicalization of Islamist Terrorists in the Western World,” Ryan Hunter and Daniel Heinke, September, p. 25.

“Sovereign Citizens: A Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement,” FBI Counterterrorism Analysis Section, September, p. 20.

“Violent True Believers,” J. Reid Meloy, July, p. 24.

“Law Enforcement Professionalism: Training Is the Key,” Anthony J. Pinizzotto, Shannon Bohrer, and Edward F. Davis, April, p. 10.