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Patch Call

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The borough of Media, Pennsylvania, was incorporated in 1850 and serves as the seat of government for Delaware County. Located 12 miles west of Philadelphia, the borough is one the few areas in the country that has used the same trolley system continuously since the turn of the 20th century. This still-active trolley is depicted on the patch of the Media Police Department alongside the area’s rich Victorian architecture. The depiction also serves as Media’s seal, which proudly states the borough is “Everybody’s Hometown.”

The traditionally shaped patch of the Elberton, Georgia, Police Department prominently features the city’s seal in its center. The middle depicts an outline of Elbert County, for which Elberton is the seat of government, along with a smaller outline of the state. The red and white stripes against a blue background with stars embody the patriotic sentiments of the community. At the foreground of the seal is a representation of the city’s churches, courts, and granite industry. Elberton is considered the “Granite Capital of the World,” producing more granite products annually than anywhere else.


August 2012 LEB portlet

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Crowd Management
Police leadership must do all it can to share lessons learned and incorporate best practices into crowd management philosophy, training, and tactics.
By Mike Masterson

Detecting Deception
By Joe Navarro, M.A.

Leadership Spotlight
Change Can Be a Slippery Slope

Focus on Ethics
The Power of Police Civility
By Andrew Borrello

ViCAP Alert
Crist Nelson Dauberman, Sr.

Picketers, Protesters, and Police
The First Amendment and Investigative Activity

By Carl A. Benoit, J.D.

Attention Readers

Notable Speech
Honor of the Badge
By Paul F. Williams, M.S.

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