Patch Call

Patch Call

lake city patch Gladwin patch

The patch of the Lake City, South Carolina, Police Department is in the shape of the state and displays the half-moon and palmetto tree, like South Carolina’s flag. The Challenger space shuttle honors Ron McNair, an astronaut from Lake City. Rays of the sun feature the words “honor,” “justice,” “peace,” “integrity,” and “respect,” character traits of a police officer.

At the right of the patch of the Gladwin, Michigan, Police Department, a cedar tree represents the logging industry, as well as the fact that the city of Gladwin originally was called the village of Cedar. The gear represents the industrial nature of the area. Also featured is a silhouette of the state of Michigan with the location of Gladwin identified.


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Analysis of Digital Financial Data
By Robert L. Kardell
Investigators can employ various tools and methods to identify suspicious financial transactions.

Crimes Against Children Spotlight
Child Abductions

Wanted: Photographs

Police Practice
Building an Effective Property Room

The Bulletin’s E-mail Address

Digital Evidence
By Stuart Cameron
Agencies must use up-to-date procedures to fully capitalize on digital evidence.

Notable Speech
What Does It Take to Excel?

Bulletin Honors
St. Charles, Missouri

Leadership Spotlight
Leadership Legacies

Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008
By Lisa A. Baker
Law enforcement managers should know what the ADAAA did and did not change.

Wanted: Notable Speeches

Bulletin Notes

Patch Call

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