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Patch Call

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s patch displays a replica of the state’s official seal. The center shield features a bald eagle, a grizzly bear, and a crescent moon. Two more grizzly bears representing courage and strength stand on a scroll inscribed with the motto, “Service and Protection.” The helmet illustrates state sovereignty, and the circular band and buckle symbolize the connection between the state and federal governments.

The patch of the Lacy Lakeview, Texas, Police Department has a blue background, representing awareness, persistence, and justice; the red letters reflect bravery and resilience; and the white circle indicates purity and innocence. An olive branch surrounds the city’s emblem. The red and white star symbolizes the department’s commitment to its community.


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Combating Gangsters Online
By Matthew O’Deane
Law enforcement personnel need to understand how to investigate gang activity in an online environment.

The Law Enforcement Professionalism
By Anthony J. Pinizzotto, Shannon Bohrer, and Edward F. Davis
A significant factor in the history of law enforcement professionalism is training.

Searches of Motor Vehicles Incident to Arrest in a Post-Gant World
By Kenneth A. Myers
Officers must understand the narrow guidelines pertaining to searches of motor vehicles incident to the arrest of one of its occupants.

Leadership Spotlight
Are You an Effective Leader?

Safeguard Spotlight
Exposure to Child Pornography/Exploitation Materials

Police Practice
Harnessing Technology

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