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Bulletin Honors San Diego

Bulletin Honors
San Diego County, California, Law Enforcement Memorial

sheriffs memorial san diego

The San Diego County Law Enforcement Memorial was dedicated on May 10, 2011. The bronze statue, entitled “A Tribute to Service, the Ultimate Sacrifice,” depicts a kneeling sheriff presenting a folded American flag to a grieving widow and her son. Behind them, a deputy sheriff stands with an outreached hand to offer support. In addition to this outdoor tribute, the department has a freestanding display in the lobby of the sheriff’s administration center. This display features black granite tiles etched with photographic images of fallen deputies, their names, and end-of-watch dates within a sheriff’s star. Each year on the anniversary of the deputy’s death a small flower appliqué is attached. Smaller versions of this memorial have been displayed at all of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department facilities.