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The patch of the Paducah, Kentucky, Police Department depicts Chief Paduke of the Chickasaw Indians, who lived and hunted in the location of the city. Legend has it that he met with George Rogers Clark when the famous soldier visited the area.

The Berlin, Wisconsin, Police Department patch features the outline of the state with its beautiful hills and sunsets. The city calls itself the “Fur and Leather Capital” because it serves as the home to many such stores, as represented by the large buck.


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Prisoner Radicalization
By Dennis A. Ballas
Authorities need to be aware of the potential for prisoners to embrace a radical form of Islam.

Increasing Organizational Leadership Through the Police Promotional Process
By Patrick J. Hughes
The promotional process can impact a law enforcement agency's organizational leadership and commitment.

Investigating and Prosecuting Hidden-Compartment Cases
By Todd F. Prough and Robert Veiga
Law enforcement agencies can be successful in these crucial investigations.

Leadership Spotlight
Table Manners

Police Practice
Energy Conservation as a Budget Multiplier

Bulletin Honors
Oregon Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

Bulletin Reports
Missing Children Guide Family Abductions

Career-Long Vitality and Wellness in the Police Profession

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