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Unusual Weapons

Unusual Weapons
Sword Umbrella

Law enforcement officers should be aware that offenders may attempt to use this sword umbrella. It looks like a normal folding umbrella, but the handle pulls free to expose a 10-inch steel spike.


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Options for Reporting Sexual Violence
By Sabrina Garcia and Margaret Henderson
Developments in the field and changing social expectations have made law enforcement agencies reconsider and refine their processes for working with victims of sexual violence.

Interviewing Compliant Adolescent Victims
By Catherine S. Connell and Martha J. Finnegan
Interviewers of adolescent crime victims must understand how to handle these special cases properly.

Fifth Amendment Protection and Break in Custody
By Kenneth A. Myers
Law enforcement officers must have an understanding of the legal significance of a break in custody in terms of the Fifth Amendment privilege against compelled self-incrimination.

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Downed-Officer Rescue and Risk Perception

Unusual Weapon
Sword Umbrella

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