Patch Call

Patch Call

Starkville PD
The Starkville, Mississippi, Police Department's patch displays symbols of both United States and state pride. The top image, a bald eagle, recognizes patriotism and courage. The magnolia, Mississippi's state flower, is depicted in full boom, encircled by double yellow lines that represent the department's personnel. Finally, the United States and Mississippi flags surround the magnolia to pay homage to the nation and state the department serves.

Nevada's official nickname, the "Silver State," and its unofficial nicknames the "Battle Born State" and the "Sagebrush State" are on the patch of the Mineral County, Nevada, Sheriff's Office. The central emblem contains the sagebrush, the state flower, on the bottom half, and the famous landmark Mt. Grant on the top; a silver circle encases the emblem, which honors Nevada's rich history with silver mining. The words "Battle Born" at the top recall Nevada's entry into statehood during the Civil War.


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Intelligence-Led Policing in a Fusion Center
By David Lambert
Incorporating fusion centers and intelligence-led policing principles can prove valuable for police agencies.

Attitudes and Performance
By Brian Fitch
The attitudes held by both instructors and their students can influence learning.

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Keychain Razor

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Spirituality and Emotional Wellness

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