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Bulletin Notes

Recognizing Sergeant Jason Anderson and Officer Dustin Manecke of the West Fargo (North Dakota) Police Department.

Bulletin Notes

Law enforcement officers are challenged daily in the performance of their duties; they face each challenge freely and unselfishly while answering the call to duty. In certain instances, their actions warrant special attention from their respective departments. The Bulletin also wants to recognize those situations that transcend the normal rigors of the law enforcement profession.

Lieutenant Laux
Sergeant Anderson
Officer Manecke
Officer Manecke

Sergeant Jason Anderson and Officer Dustin Manecke, of the West Fargo (North Dakota) Police Department, were dispatched to a call of a garage fire at a home adjacent to a large condominium-type building. A significant amount of smoke was emanating from the garage upon their arrival, prompting them to immediately notify the homeowners. They pounded on the front door to no response and were about to kick the door down when a man finally answered. He indicated that his parents were still asleep upstairs; the smoke detectors had not alerted the residents to the fire and by that time the house was filling with smoke. As Officer Manecke went upstairs to retrieve the remaining residents, Sergeant Anderson checked the interior door leading to the garage, discovering it was hot to the touch. He then joined Officer Manecke upstairs to provide assistance; the residents insisted on retrieving their three cats. Both officers told them to vacate the house and that they would leave the door open so the cats could escape. Sergeant Anderson and Officer Manecke then exited the home with its residents as the fire department arrived to extinguish the blaze. The remnants of the garage held a vehicle and a boat, both destroyed. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the residents’ cats eventually were found unharmed.


Nominations for the Bulletin Notes should be based on either the rescue of one or more citizens or arrest(s) made at unusual risk to an officer’s safety. Submissions should include a short write-up (maximum of 250 words), a separate photograph of each nominee, and a letter from the department’s ranking officer endorsing the nomination. Submissions should be sent to the Editor, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA 22135.



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