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January FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

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    Crisis Intervention Teams

    By Johnny K. Jines, M.A.
    For law enforcement organizations seriously considering revitalizing an existing strategic plan or implementing a new model for responding to mental health crises, a Crisis Intervention Team presents an excellent option.
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    Terror Liaison Officer Training

    By J.T. McBride, M.P.A., C.L.E.E.
    The Terror Liaison Officer Training course provides an intense learning experience.
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    Important Investigative Tools for JTTF Officers
    By David J. Gottfried, J.D.
    National security letters give the U.S. government an effective tool to obtain certain information to help detect and disrupt the activities of terrorists and spies.
    (Legal Digest)
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    Serve Well
    By Craig Junginger, M.S.
    Conducting themselves with honor and maintaining their personal credibility are the most important assets law enforcement officers possess.
    (Notable Speech)
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