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Faithful Friend

Nebraska State Trooper Mike Ritonya took this photograph at the scene of an automobile accident. The dog is sitting beside his 17-year-old owner, who is covered by a tarp. Both the dog and his owner were ejected from the vehicle seen overturned in the background. The beer carton in the foreground shows a likely contributing factor to the crash. Trooper Ritonya said that the dog would not leave his owner’s side.

The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin staff would like to feature your poignant, humorous, or interesting photographs in our magazine. Our Snapshots segment shines the spotlight on these unique photos shared by our readers. We encourage you to send digital photographs or prints, along with a brief explanation or description, to Art Director, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA 22135, or leb@ic.fbi.gov. Please send duplicate copies, not originals, as we do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost prints. All contributors will receive appropriate credit for their submissions.



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