FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

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    Addressing the Problem
    of the Active Shooter

    By Katherine W. Schweit, J.D.

    The active shooter presents a complex challenge for law enforcement officers; fortunately, valuable assistance and training are available to agencies nationwide.

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    Higher Education and Local Law Enforcement

    By Susan Hilal, Ph.D., and James Densley, Ph.D.

    Police officers often view college education as a luxury worth pursuing; the question now is how to improve access to higher education and ensure it meets the requirements of modern law enforcement.
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    Officers and Child-Sex Offenders: Operational Safety Considerations

    By Joy L. Shelton, Tia A. Hoffer, Ph.D., and Charles Joyner, M.A.

    Officers must recognize the potential dangers of child-sex offenders and undertake interactions with them cautiously.
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    Notable Speech

    By Timothy S. Wardrip

    In view of the ever-present possibility of the unthinkable, officers must stay focused and alert.