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New Information Released in Serial Killer Case

To uncover more clues and victims, new details are released in the case of Israel Keyes.

A Byte Out of History: Civil Rights Case One of Our First

The forerunner of today’s FBI was just days old when two agents opened a civil rights probe.

Election Hack: Stealing Votes the Cyber Way

How a student council candidate rigged his own election by stealing fellow students’ identities.

Pirated Software May Contain Malware

Software bought on the cheap from unknown sellers may contain hidden dangers.

Operation Cross Country: Recovering Victims of Child Sex Trafficking

Three-day sweep in 76 cities recovers 105 sexually exploited children.

A Family of Thieves, Part 2

The Cabello family stole millions from armored car companies...but justice was served.

A Family of Thieves, Part 1

Inside the case of the Cabello family and their decade-long armored car robbery spree.

A $30 Million Case of Corruption

Inside Five Aces, the largest-ever federal contracting bribery and bid-rigging scheme.

Self-Radicalized American Incited Violent Jihad Online

Pennsylvania man sentenced for soliciting others to engage in acts of terrorism in the U.S.

FBI Seeking Owners of Stolen Artwork

The FBI is seeking the owners of 28 rare maps and books stolen in a 2006 art crime case.

2013 Latent Hit of the Year Award

How the FBI’s fingerprint database helped police in California solve a 1999 murder.

Terror Financing: Tracking the Money Trails

Tracking the money trails to expose extremists and their networks of supporters.

Bomb Technicians: A Partnership Between FBI and Navy

A partnership between FBI and Navy bomb experts in San Diego reveals mutual benefits.

Equine Crime: A Horse Farm of a Different Color

How a Mexican drug cartel leader used an Oklahoma horse farm to launder millions in illicit profits.

Holiday Bomb Threat Averted

How police and the FBI unraveled a bomb plot targeting one of the nation’s largest retailers.

President Nominates New FBI Director

President Obama nominates James Comey to be the next Director of the FBI.

Top Ten at 500: Two New Fugitives Added to List

The FBI list has reached a milestone with the naming of the 500th fugitive.

A Byte Out of History: The Lasting Legacy of Operation Illwind

A look back 25 years to our role in a major investigation of defense procurement fraud.

Civil Rights in the ‘60s: Justice for Medgar Evers

Series opens with a look at the investigation into the June 12, 1963 murder of Medgar Evers.

Child Abductions: When Custody Issues Lead to Violence

Analysis of recent FBI child abduction investigations has revealed a disturbing trend.