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Investment Fraud Scheme Uncovered

Inside the case of a Virginia con man who targeted military personnel and their families.

Seeking Information in International Child Exploitation Case

We need your help to identify victims of suspected serial child predator William James Vahey.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 6: Working to Make a Difference

Our series ends with a closer look at an FBI agent who is dedicated to making a difference.

Students Abroad Warned of Foreign Intelligence Threat

College students studying overseas warned of foreign intelligence recruitment threat.

William Bradford Bishop Added to FBI Top Ten List

A man wanted for killing his Maryland family in 1976 is named to the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

Psychologist Specializes in Kidnapping, Hostage Cases

How an FBI psychologist helps investigators and victims in hostage cases.

FBI Honors Community Leaders

Director Comey honored 58 recipients in a ceremony at FBI Headquarters.

Child Predator: Help Us Identify John Doe 28

We need your help to identify John Doe 28 and put a stop to his sexual exploitation of children.

New Top Ten Fugitive

MS-13 member and alleged murderer Juan Elias Garcia surrendered in Nicaragua.

The Exxon Valdez, 25 Years After

25 years after the oil spill, we continue to support our partners on environmental crime cases.

Help Us Find a Killer

Reward offered for information in the 2009 Iraq murder of U.S. contractor James Kitterman.

Investigating Tax Refund Fraud

We work with our federal partners to combat the rising tide of tax-related identity theft.

Serial Killers, Part 6: Andrew Cunanan Murders a Fashion Icon

Our series looks at Andrew Cunanan, who murdered fashion icon Gianni Versace in 1997.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 5: The Power of Partners and Intelligence

Partnerships and intelligence are key in dismantling gangs and helping communities.

Naval Espionage: Stopping a Dangerous Insider Threat

After 20 years of service, a U.S. sailor aimed to sell top secret information to the Russians.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 4: The Homicide Library

Continuing series shows how we’re helping the LAPD create a digitized homicide library.

Historic Insider Trading Scheme

A portfolio manager was convicted in “the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever charged.”

Corruption in a San Diego Motor Vehicle Office

Corrupt DMV employees issued licenses for payments between $500 and $2,500.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 3: Helping to Heal Communities

Part 3 in our series looks at how one initiative is helping heal communities affected by gangs.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 2: Operation Save Our Streets

The second piece in our series looks at a gang homicide task force called Save Our Streets (SOS).