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Nov. 13 Memo

Nov. 13 memo


Confirmation has just been received of the organized attempt of klansmen and their friends to arrest, kidnap, and do away with special agents of the Department who were in Mer Rouge, such action being stimulated by the United States Attorney at Shreveport, who is understood to be an active leader in the Klan. He is P.H. Mecom. He advised the klansmen that the Department of Justice had no business investigating the matter; he instructed one of the agents from the Houston office to tell the other agents to immediately discontinue and get out of the territory, or he would have them arrested, because he had not authorized the investigation, therefore, the agents had no business on the case. Following this information which he gave to the Klan, the klansmen were ordered to assemble for the purpose of doing away with the agents and stealing the data they have procured. Only their hurried exit saved them.

The postmaster at Mer Rouge has made a statement in addition to the others received, indicating that the Klan realizes it killed the wrong men, but that the only way anything could be done is to compromise with the Klan. He is a member.

The later report confirms the terrible conditions existing in the vicinity, which are likely to result in actual civil war.