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Don't Be a Pawn


Mollie Halpern: As a record number of Americans study abroad, the FBI warns students of the risks of becoming a target of foreign intelligence services. Using sly tactics, foreign intelligence services recruit U.S. students to spy on America.

Michael Orlando: Espionage. It's a long, slippery slope.

Halpern: That was Michael Orlando, an executive from the Counterintelligence Division who says foreign intelligence services befriend students over time with hopes the students get jobs in the U.S. government.

Orlando: This isn't something that they're trying to accomplish in days or weeks, but something that they're going to work on for years. The ultimate goal is that the student is going to commit espionage and provide them sensitive information. And we believe that this will probably extend beyond government, but also into business.

Halpern: To learn the warning signs and how to protect yourself, visit fbi.gov. Report suspicious activity to your local FBI field office. From FBI Headquarters, I'm Mollie Halpern with FBI, This Week.

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