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The Dark Web


Mollie Halpern: Anyone with an Internet connection unknowingly lives parallel to a subculture of crime—it’s the dark side of the web, and the FBI says it’s one reason for the rise in cyber crime. FBI Executive Assistant Director Robert Anderson explains...

Robert Anderson: There is a whole other side to the Internet. You got the bad people’s web, which are child trafficking and child porn and drugs and extortion.

Halpern: Malicious software and other cyber tools used to perpetrate crimes are sold in forums and chat rooms on the dark web. The bad guys don’t need to be cyber experts to commit their crimes, all it takes is…

Anderson: If you have the money, you can acquire the technology to make the attack in cyber world.

Halpern: Combating cyber crime requires a whole-of- government approach.

Anderson: …looking at ways we can attack this infrastructure and obtain intelligence and provide intelligence to partner countries that would allow us to apprehend these pedophiles or the criminals that are using these type of procedures on the dark web to stop their activity.

Halpern: I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau with FBI, This Week.


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