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Luis Alberto Ordonez-Vega


Mollie Halpern: The FBI and its law enforcement partners need your help locating an MS-13 gang member who is on the run. Luis Alberto Ordonez-Vega is wanted for shooting a 22-year-old to death.

Marc Weingrad: Ordonez-Vega is definitely a threat to any community he is living in.

Halpern: The murder happened in June in Charlotte, North Carolina, but investigators say Ordonez-Vega has ties to his native country of Guatemala, and to Florida, New York, and Utah. Case Agent Marc Weingrad…

Weingrad: We know that he is in the construction business and he could possibly be seeking construction work wherever it’s available.

Halpern: Ordonez-Vega, who is also known as Big Boy, has a horse shoe and rainbow tattoo on his neck. The tattoo on his chest reads Mara Salvatrucha, which is another name for the MS-13 gang. He has other tattoos as well as…

Weingrad: …A scar on his nose, scar on both of his cheeks.

Halpern: Ordonez-Vega has a violent criminal history and a hot temper.

Weingrad: Individuals who are aware of him have said that if he is caught he does not want to go down without a fight.

Halpern: For a photo of Ordonez- Vega visit FBI.gov/most wanted. If you have information on this case call your local FBI field office. From FBI Headquarters, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau with Wanted by the FBI.


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