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Author Release and Supervisor Authorization Form

Author Release and Supervisor Authorization Form

It is not necessary to fill out this form until your article has been accepted for use in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and you have been requested to fill it out by either the editor or an associate editor. Once contacted, you will be asked to sign and return this form, agreeing to the conditions outlined below as pertaining to the final edited version of the article.

Please check all appropriate boxes in each section.

I) General

I understand that my article must remain unpublished until after it appears in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and that it will be edited for length, style, format, and clarity by the magazine’s editorial staff.

II) Copyright

A) The author(s) is an officer or employee of the U.S. federal government, and the work was prepared in the author’s official capacity.

B) The author(s) is an officer or employee of the copyright holder, and the author created the work in his/her capacity as an officer or employee of the copyright holder.

C) The author(s) certifies that he/she is the authorized party who owns the copyright of the article (where such copyright exists).

Please give the full name and address of the copyright holder:



If you checked box A or B, this paragraph does not apply to you.

If the article is accepted for use in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, I/we irrevocably transfer and assign to the FBI in perpetuity all rights, title, and interest, throughout the world, including any copyright and renewals or extensions thereto, in the final edited version of my work submitted to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and noted below. This assignment pertains to the following copyrighted work:

Name/title of the submitted copyrighted material


I/we agree to abide by the following conditions of electronic publication: Acceptance of this agreement signifies agreement to its publication or storage electronically to include the Internet via the FBI’s home page and other online services.

Please sign below to acknowledge acceptance of ALL terms contained in this document:

____________________________    ______________________

(Author’s Signature)                            (Date)

III) Supervisor authorization (if applicable)

Please have your organization’s ranking officer or other appropriate supervisory official sign below. 

___________________________      _______________________

(Supervisor’s Signature)                    (Date)


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