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Buffalo Community Outreach

Buffalo FBI personnel recently participated in HEAL International's youth forum, held for members of the immigrant/refugee community in response to a recent robbery involving Somali youth. More than 150 community members attended the event, which was also sponsored by the Buffalo Police Department, Child Protective Services, and a local city court judge. The FBI presented an overview on radicalization and warning signs for youth and parents.



As part of their end-of-year activities, Junior Special Agents from the Knoxville FBI visited the Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s National Forensics Academy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Students took part in hands-on activities focused on evidence identification, collection, and preservation. A pizza lunch for students and instructors was provided by the Knoxville Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association.


FBI and Columbus Global Academy

To strengthen relations with local ethnic communities in central Ohio and to work with at-risk youth who could be vulnerable to gang membership, the Cincinnati FBI office recently partnered with the Columbus Global Academy to hold an FBI Teen Academy program. The school, part of the Columbus City School District, serves recent immigrant and refugees students who have limited English skills. Students from Somalia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, El Salvador, Congo, Liberia, Eritrea, and Guinea participate in the after-school program. Over several weeks, youngsters participating in the Teen Academy heard from FBI agents about the workings of the Bureau, including the Evidence Response Team, fingerprinting methods, footwear impressions, forensic alternate light source, and other evidence recovery techniques. Students (shown above) asked a lot of questions and were able to try on ballistic vests.



In May, the Birmingham FBI office and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) co-sponsored a conference called “Hate Crimes: 50 Years After the Freedom Rides.” The event, which focused on the Shepard/Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, also provided a retrospective look at the Freedom Rides of 1961. Shown above in front of the Freedom Rides historic marker, are (left to right): BCRI President and CEO Dr. Lawrence Pijeaux; FBI Public Affairs Specialist Paul Daymond; Birmingham FBI Special Agent in Charge Patrick Maley (rear); Birmingham Special Agent Dana Gillis; BCRI Vice-President Priscilla Hancock Cooper; Birmingham Police Department Captain Rosiland Short; FBI Civil Rights Unit Chief Eric Thomas, Washington, D.C.; Charles Long, Birmingham Mayor’s Office; and Birmingham Police Department’s Deputy Chief W. R. Tubbs.



The Philadelphia FBI office recently coordinated a behind-the-scenes tour of the Philadelphia district attorney’s office for students attending a leadership academy program at the Camelot School at Shallcross Academy. FBI community outreach specialists meet weekly with students at this alternative school to discuss conflict resolution and witness intimidation in an effort to help inner-city youth view law enforcement in a positive manner.


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