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Forensic Imaging

Forensic Imaging Unit

Forensic Imaging Unit


The Forensic Imaging Unit (FIU) provides imaging support to the FBI Laboratory with investigative/forensic photography and photographic processing to support federal, state, local, and international law enforcement investigations.

The Team

Unit chief, management and program assistant, supervisory photographers, photographers (scientific & technical), photographers (forensic), photographers (laboratory), and equipment specialist.

The Work

Forensic Photographic Studio

Provides photographic support and services directly to the Laboratory Division, FBI Headquarters, and field offices. These services include forensic and evidentiary photography, high speed and conventional video, photographic illustration, and imaging response for HEAT responsibilities.

Photographic Processing Group

Provides photograph enlargement services in sizes from 4x6 inches to 4x8 feet, CD and DVD duplication services, wide-format graphics printing, photographic mounting and laminating services, flat art copy services, and digitization of film and transparencies.

Technical Imaging Group (TIG)

Supports the latent fingerprint functions of the FBI Laboratory. The TIG uses digital imaging technologies to capture, process, and produce images of latent fingerprints that are used by forensic examiners in the Latent Fingerprint Operations Unit.