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Evidence Control

Evidence Control


The Evidence Control Unit (ECU) is the central point for the receipt and management of evidence. ECU provides quality service to contributors of evidence and acts as a liaison between contributing agencies and the FBI Laboratory staff. As the central point for the administrative management of evidence, ECU provides a single point of contact to contributors, who then track and manage the submitted evidence from receipt to final disposition. This direct point of contact allows contributors to discuss case issues regarding the submission and examination of evidence, as well as to check the status of the evidence and receive advice and guidance on packaging, transporting, and storing evidence.

The Team
- Physical scientists (request coordinators)
- Physical scientists (evidence analysts)

The Work

  • Provide one point of contact to contributors of evidence;
  • Receive, manage, and track evidence;
  • Design forensic examination plans;
  • Coordinate examinations with forensic examination units; and
  • Provide advice and guidance on packaging, shipping, and storage of evidence

Quick Reference Guide for Laboratory Examinations (pdf)