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Forensic Science Support


The Special Projects Unit (SPU) designs and produces two and three dimensional visual materials, illustrations, diagrams, maps, charts, artist conceptions, photographic retouches, publication designs, typesetting, and facial imaging.  The SPU also collects and develops information to create exhibits that support the counterterrorism/intelligence operations, investigations, prosecutions, and liaison activities of the FBI.

The Team

Supervisory visual information specialists, supervisory program manager, forensic engineer, visual information specialists, and illustrators

The Work

  • Plan, design, develop, and coordinate the production of two dimensional visual materials such as illustrations, photographs, publications, maps, charts, artist conceptions, and combinations thereof;
  • Construct structural concealment devices for cameras, audio, and video equipment used to enhance undercover operation surveillance;
  • Interview witnesses and local officials and law enforcement officers to construct sketches of crime scenes and surrounding areas;
  • Conduct electronic and laser-scanned imaging and measurements of crime scene and major event venues;
  • Reconstruct crime scenes taken from blueprints, photographs, on-site measurements, and expert/eyewitness observations. This demonstrative evidence is often used to aid field case agents and Assistant U.S. Attorneys in presenting their cases.
  • Testify in legal proceedings; and
  • Meet with outside vendors or attend trade shows to keep abreast of new graphic technologies and equipment.

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