Chang Figure 2

Figure 2. Electropherograms of the stains in Case 2.

A. Profiler PlusTM results (in GenotyperTM) of stain N1 in the suspect's car. The DNA profile
is a mixture in which the major component is from the victim. The suspect is not excluded as
the source of the minor component (detailed results in Table 4).

B. Y-triplex results in GeneScanTM of the three stains: N1, N2, and N3. Each Y-profile depicts
three alleles: DY390 is on the left, DYS438 is in the middle, and DYS439 is on the right.

Note that the RFU in the third stain is very weak, and the broad peak at the far right is the dye
artifact from TAMRA in the DYS439 system. This stain failed to give any autosomal profile with
the Profiler PlusTM multiplex.

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