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UCR Reporting Forms

UCR Reporting Forms

      Summary Reporting Forms

      Hate Crime Program

      • Quarterly Hate Crime Report (pdf)—The Quarterly Hate Crime Report should be used to identify the reporting agency, to state the number of bias-motivated incidents being reported for the calendar quarter, and to delete any incidents previously reported that have been determined during the reporting period not to have been motivated by bias.
      • Hate Crime Incident Report (pdf)—The Hate Crime Incident Report captures the type of offense, the location of the offense, the bias motivation, the type of victim, and the number and race of offenders within each reported hate-related crime incident.

      Cargo Theft Program

      • Cargo Theft Incident Report (fillable pdf 628 kb)—The Cargo Theft Incident Report collects data pertaining to the criminal taking of cargo that is moving in commerce at all points between the point of origin and the final destination, regardless of any temporary stop while awaiting transshipment or otherwise.
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