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Scenario 9

Automated Processing – Scenario 9

Scenario 9 Automated Processing (Parole Records)
Capability Automated Processing
Data Entity Correlation; Notification; Parole Records; Incident Report
Crime Involuntary Manslaughter
Functional Areas Tactical; Operational

The Minnesota Department of Corrections releases Randall Milton from prison upon completion of his sentence for involuntary manslaughter resulting from a Driving while Intoxicated accident. Milton meets with his parole officer who enters a parole report into the RMS: the report is automatically submitted to N-DEx. The report includes information about Milton’s address in Anoka, Minnesota, his place of employment, the requirement that he not use alcohol and not enter any liquor establishment. Previously, the parole officer had configured N-DEx to automatically notify him anytime one of his parolees’ names appears in an incident.

A month after Milton’s release, an Eau Claire, Wisconsin police officer responds to a 911 call of a fight at an Eau Claire bar. Milton is among the witnesses interviewed. The police officer prepares an incident report about the incident, including participants in the fight and witnesses.
N-DEx automatically notifies the parole officer that Milton was a witness to a barroom fight.

Outcome After reviewing the incident report and speaking with the investigating police officer, the parole officer takes action to revoke Milton's parole.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, users can configure N-DEx to automatically notify them of events based on rule-based conditions. In this case, the user configured the system to identify any new records that involved a person on parole. This scenario is intended to show that the user can configure automated processes so that any time any person on parole is entered into N-DEx, that the user be notified. This is different from a subscription where the user subscribes to certain entities (in this case Randall Milton).

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