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Scenario 8

Automated Processing – Scenario 8

Scenario 8 Automated Processing (Arson Witness)
Capability Automated Processing; Notification
Data Incident Reports
Crime Arson
Functional Areas Tactical; Operational

Fire investigators in Concord, New Hampshire respond to an abandoned warehouse fire. The evidence points to arson. Investigators interview people watching the fire and include their names in the incident report submitted to N-DEx. One of the witnesses is Gordan Kanseah. The case goes unsolved.

Approximately three years later, fire investigators in New York City, New York arrive at a warehouse fire in which a night watchman has died. Gordan Kanseah is among the witnesses. Kanseah’s name is included in a New York incident report submitted to N-DEx. N-DEx notifies both New York and New Hampshire authorities that the same person was a witness to both crimes.

Outcome N-DEx provides investigators in Concord, NH and New York, NY a notification that a witness has shown up in multiple arson investigations, leading to a cooperative investigation that leads to Kanseah’s arrest.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

N-DEx’s Automated Processing service discovers that a person is a witness in multiple arson investigations. N-DEx’s automated processing services incorporate investigative best practices as an automated function so that all users can realize the benefit of these practices. In this case, N-DEx’s automated function is programmed to look for a person that is found in multiple arson incidents as a suspect, witness or victim. Because of this automated process, both jurisdictions are then notified of the discovery (agencies involved would be notified only if they configured their individual notifications accordingly).

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