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Scenario 7

Automated Processing – Scenario 7

Scenario 7 Incident Report Links Drug Trafficker, Fraud Suspect and Suspected Terrorist
Capability Automated Processing; Entity Correlation; Notification; Collaboration
Data Incident Reports; Case Reports
Crime Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations
Functional Areas Operational

Mohammed Acca is a businessperson in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is known in the city for taking out large newspaper ads, soliciting funds to support peace in Lebanon. His T-shirt and souvenir shop produces $3 million a year in gross receipts. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department believes Acca may be trafficking in illegal drugs, and has an open investigation.

Mohammed Batta owns and operates an artifact and collectible store. In Boulder City, Nevada, the Boulder City Police Department has an investigation open on Batta, resulting from complaints about the authenticity of his merchandise.

The JTTF at the FBI’s Las Vegas office has long suspected that Mohammed Carta is a supporter of Hezbollah (a listed terrorist organization) and regularly sends the organization large sums of money. The JTTF does not know how Carta, a jewelry clerk, obtains these funds.

When officers from the Henderson Police Department (HPD) respond to a disturbance call at a wedding, they find a man so badly beaten that he has to be airlifted to a hospital. A witness, who identifies himself as Mohammed Accam, has blood on his clothing. Mohammed Batta and Mohammed Carta also are present and interviewed as witnesses. They claimed to be brothers-in-law. The victim subsequently refuses to cooperate and all of the guests, including Accam, Batta and Carta, deny witnessing the beating. As a result, the investigation is stymied, but the incident report is submitted to N-DEx.

Outcome When the incident from the disturbance call is entered into N-DEx by HPD, N-DEx makes the association between the three men and the three separate investigations and notifies each agency. Thus, N-DEx makes the connection between the terrorist suspect Carta, the artifact seller Batta, and the local suspected drug trafficker Acca.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, the N-DEx Entity Correlation service correlates the seemingly unrelated activities and notifies the JTTF and investigators on all the cases of the link (agencies involved would be notified only if they configured their individual notifications accordingly). N-DEx Automated Processing identifies associations any time a new record is entered into N-DEx which correlates to another record or case. In this case, N-DEx automated processing is configured by all users so that any time information on a suspected terrorist is entered into N-DEx, including relationships to suspected terrorists, that the providers of the records be notified.

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