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Scenario 6

Incident/Case Correlation – Scenario 6

Scenario 6 Incident Correlation Potentially Identifies Rapist
Capability Incident Correlation; Notification; Collaboration
Data Incident Reports
Crime Serial Rape
Functional Areas Operational; Tactical

Within a two week period, a rapist attacks two women in Pensacola, Florida. During the investigation, detectives discover that both cases have similar characteristics. Both victims were women in their 50s, living alone in ground floor apartments in adult-only complexes. In both attacks, the perpetrator broke into the victims’ apartments through a window shortly before dawn on a Sunday and took the victims’ drivers licenses when he left.

One week later, police in Mobile, Alabama submit an incident report with similar characteristics, resulting in an N-DEx alert to the Pensacola Police Department. In this case, a witness saw a man in his 60s looking through a window of the victim’s apartment the night before. The Pensacola investigator calls the Mobile PD to let them know of the similarity in cases, leading her to conclude that a serial rapist is involved. Using N-DEx, the Pensacola investigator sends out a bulletin to all police agencies in the Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama about the related cases and authorities increase patrol vigilance during early morning hours. Among the cities that received the bulletin was Fort Walton Beach, Florida, about 40 miles east of Pensacola.

The next Saturday morning, patrol officers in Fort Walton Beach observe a male in his 60s looking into the window of an apartment building. Officers apprehend the man who has glass cutters in his pocket and the driver’s licenses of his past victims in his vehicle. Police in Fort Walton Beach submit his fingerprints to IAFIS and discover he is wanted for multiple rapes in other jurisdictions. During questioning, the man confesses to all three crimes.

Outcome Using N-DEx’s Incident /Case Correlation capabilities, police discover a pattern of linked crimes and predict an area where a rapist might strike next. Police apprehend a suspect, collect critical evidence and obtain a confession.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted above, N-DEx’s Subscription and Incident Correlation capabilities allowed the investigator to submit an incident to N-DEx and request notification any time police from other jurisdictions enter an incident with similar characteristics into N-DEx (agencies involved would be notified only if they configured their individual notifications accordingly). In this case, the similarities in the type of victim, location and time of day established a pattern. Because of this, police across the area increased vigilance and apprehended the suspect.

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