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Scenario 5

Entity Correlation and Notification – Scenario 5

Scenario 5 Name Resolution to Identify Robbery Suspect
Capability Entity Resolution; Search
Data Incident Report
Crime Property
Functional Areas Operational

Investigators with the Wichita, Kansas Police Department question Robert McDonald in a stolen property case. The investigators check NCIC and III but get no matches. They then perform an N-DEx search, but again find no matches with McDonald and the other identifiers provided by the suspect, including the address 121 Main St., Wichita, Kansas and an SSAN. However, N-DEx does identify five references to the Main Street address, linked to variations on the suspect’s name as well as variations of his SSAN and date of birth.

121 Main St., Wichita
Rob McDonuld
121 Main, Kansas City
Bobby M. MacDonald
121 North Main, Topeka
Robert McDonnal
121 Maine St, Wichita
Mark R. MacDonald
121 S Main St, Wichita
Bob McDonnald


Outcome N-DEx returns potential leads suggesting McDonald’s involvement/participation in other incidents. After further analysis, investigators determine that McDonald is the same person in each incident, despite his use of false information.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx’s Entity Resolution capability alerted the investigating officers of a consolidation of person entities. Based on the information (names, address, phone number, etc.) about a person in multiple records, N-DEx correlated the data, resulting in the identification of candidates for consolidation. In this case, the N-DEx user decided that indeed three of the potential candidates for consolidation presented by N-DEx have a very high likelihood of being the same person.

It should be noted that this scenario is intended to show two functions of N-DEx. First, that N-DEx performs entity resolution and identifies possible candidates for consolidation. Second, that N-DEx doesn’t necessarily automatically consolidate entities, but presents this information to the user for consolidation. This is similar to the process used for fingerprint consolidation. The details of how this would function and how it would be presented to the user needs further analysis.

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