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Scenario 4

Entity Resolution and Notification – Scenario 4

Scenario 4 Entity Resolution (False SSAN Leads to Terrorist)
Capability Entity Resolution; Automated Processing; Subscription; Collaboration; Notification
Data Arrest/Booking and other records to support Entity Resolution
Crime Terrorism
Functional Areas Operational; Strategic

Miami police arrest Ramon Ortega for burglary. At the time of his booking and processing, police record biographical information and photographs. For identification, Ortega shows police a Social Security Card with the Social Security Account Number (SSAN) of 123-45-6789. The department sends Ortega’s booking information to N-DEx as part of its daily batch submission.

N-DEx automatically searches Ortega's identifying information (name, SSAN, etc) and identifies incident reports, indicating that Ortega may actually be David Fuller, an identified terrorism suspect believed to have illegally entered the U.S.
Prior to this arrest, the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) had set a subscription for Fuller’s name and SSAN in N-DEx. Based on this subscription and Fuller being on a Federal Terrorist Watch List, the San Diego JTTF receives an automatic notification of the Ortega arrest in Miami. In addition, N-DEx automatically alerts Miami police of the possibility that Ortega and Fuller are the same person.

A member of the San Diego JTTF then contacts Miami authorities for further information about Ortega/Fuller. Miami police forward their information, including fingerprints and mug shots using e-mail. This allows San Diego to verify Fuller’s true identity, resulting in a request that Miami hold Fuller for extradition to California.

Outcome N-DEx capabilities collate disparate information from the Federal government and two police jurisdictions a continent apart and share the information; thereby, foiling an attempt by a terrorist involved with criminal activity to conceal his identity.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx automatically performs Entity Resolution capabilities which results in a notification to Miami that Ortega may be using a false name (agencies involved would be notified only if they configured their individual notifications accordingly). N-DEx Automated Processing capabilities also correlate Fuller as a known terrorist. This results in an alert/notification to the terrorism task force that a known terrorist, using a false name, is involved as a suspect in a burglary in Miami.

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