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Scenario 21

Protecting Information – Scenario 21

Scenario 21 Protecting Information (Public Corruption)
Capability Authorization (Privacy); Search; Subscription
Data Incident Reports
Crime Public Corruption
Functional Areas Operational

While attending a social event, the Sheriff of Smith County, Idaho overhears a construction company owner, John England, boast to another guest that he paid a school superintendent $5,000 to obtain a contract to re-roof the county's high school. The sheriff calls the Idaho State Police to report the incident.

The state police assign an investigation team to the case. When members of the team complete reports on the case, they submit them to N-DEx and limit the ability of N-DEx to share the reports by setting the appropriate record attributes, restricting access only to team members. A week later, England approaches a deputy with the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and convinces the deputy to search the agency’s records for his name or the superintendent’s name. The deputy searches N-DEx for the contractor’s name and the superintendent’s name. The system returns no responses. However, the system notifies the Idaho State Police of the search.

Outcome N-DEx allows data owners to restrict access to the data they submit to the system and notifies data owners when others try to access the restricted data. In this case, N-DEx allowed the state police to build a new case against the contractor and the deputy who helped him misuse the system.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx restricts access to data when the contributor chooses to control access to the data. Additionally, the system alerts the contributor when others try to search and/or retrieve information about the restricted data.

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