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Scenario 19

Analytical/Reporting – Scenario 19

Scenario 19 Analytical/Reporting (Drug “Hot Spots”)
Capability Analytical/Reporting; Visualization; Collaboration
Data Incident Reports
Crime Murder; Drug Trafficking; Robbery
Functional Areas Strategic; Operational

A Baltimore Police Department lieutenant oversees the Planning and Research Department which includes strategic planning. This strategic planning concerns crime trends, crime movement, crime mapping, and other related analytical tools, which are used by the Police Department to develop and set priorities, make resource allocation, and predict crime.

Over the last year, the department has been targeting open air drug markets. Over this time, the lieutenant has noticed a significant increase in drug-related incidents and arrests for the first half of the year followed by a dramatic decrease in arrests over the last half of the year. Meanwhile, he has seen robberies and murders remain stable for the first half of the year and then begin to rise in the second half of the year. These trends are counter to Baltimore’s historical trends where robberies and murders tend to decrease with a crackdown on drug trafficking.

The lieutenant uses N-DEx to map the occurrences of robberies and murders that occurred in the city over the last half of the year. He then uses N-DEx to map all Baltimore city addresses for people, vehicles, and other entities identified in drug related incidents occurring in adjacent jurisdictions over the last half of the year. The results show a pattern where the areas in the city with an increase in murders and robberies are consistent with the areas where addresses are identified from drug related incidents occurring in the adjacent jurisdictions.

Based on this information, the lieutenant concludes that the city's crackdown on drug trafficking is leading users and dealers who resided in Baltimore to go to adjacent jurisdictions to buy and sell drugs. This increase in drug demand in adjacent jurisdictions is causing the price to increase. As a result, Baltimore city users’ drug cost increased. To pay for this increase, users are conducting more robberies to acquire the additional money needed to purchase drugs. Meanwhile, Baltimore city dealers are attempting to sell more of their drugs in adjacent jurisdictions where other drug dealers already operate resulting in more drug-related murders.

Outcome The lieutenant prepares a strategic report on the trend information he has gathered from N-DEx. This results in the creation of a regional drug task force which uses N-DEx to collaborate confidentially on investigations.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx Visualization capabilities allow users to generate graphical representations of various views of incident data to support strategic crime analysis.

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