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Scenario 18

Crime Trend & Pattern Reporting – Scenario 18

Scenario 18 Crime Trend & Pattern Reporting / Presentation
Capability Analytical/Reporting; Visualization (Trend Graphs); Collaboration
Data Incident Report
Crime Auto Theft
Functional Areas Operational; Tactical; Strategic; Administrative

A Franklin County, Ohio Sheriffs Department crime analyst issues a report, showing a 66 percent spike in automobile thefts, resulting in a request for further analysis.

One key question is whether the increase is isolated to Franklin County, or extends to surrounding counties. The analyst uses N-DEx to create a report of auto thefts from his county and the six surrounding counties of Pickaway, Fairfield, Union, Licking, Madison, and Delaware over the last 12 months. N-DEx produces a report that identifies the auto thefts in the area by number, day of the week, time of day and month, and visually displays the output graphically. The report indicates that Union and Fairfield counties have suffered a similar trending spike in auto thefts, but the other three counties have actually seen a decrease.

Outcome The Franklin County Sheriff contacts his counterparts in the other counties, creates a joint task force and redeploys his resources to focus more on auto thefts. N-DEx is also used to create a collaboration zone to help the task force share information and manage the investigation.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx’s Analytical/Reporting and Visualization capabilities aid crime analysts in presenting information to management to support strategic planning and investigation and patrol activities.

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