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Scenario 17

Analytical/Reporting and Collaboration – Scenario 17

Scenario 17 Analytical/Reporting (“Hot Spot”/”Drill Down”)
Capability Search, (Entity Inquiry - Person)
Data Incident Reports; Field Reports; Case Investigations; Analytic Reports
Crime Burglary; Robbery; Car Theft; Narcotics
Functional Areas Strategic; Administrative; Operational

Police are investigating a series of robberies and burglaries spanning three jurisdictions around Grand Rapids, Michigan. The investigation involves two detectives from the Kent County Sheriff’s Department (KCSD) Criminal Investigation Bureau and several patrol deputies. Additionally, the Kentwood Police Department is investigating one case while the Criminal Unit of the Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating two others. Police have not identified the perpetrators and have little or no physical evidence.

Based on incident and field reports on each crime report entered into N-DEx, KCSD investigators using both the analytics and incident correlation capabilities, discover that a pattern extends beyond their cases into the neighboring jurisdictions. Investigators from all three agencies agree to create a collaborative workspace within N-DEx, and begin to share reports and other related investigation information.

The KCSD designates one investigator as the lead investigator with responsibility for gathering additional case information from the other jurisdictions and creating analytical reports for the multi-jurisdictional team. Using the N-DEx analysis and visualization capabilities, the lead investigator plots the location of the crimes, which N-DEx automatically correlates and then presents the results on a map that shows “hot spots” throughout the cities in question. These analytical results are presented to the remaining team members for further analysis. The team “drills down” on the “hot spots” to discover if there are other crime attributes or relationships between their cases and other criminal activities within the “hot spots.” The team learns that thieves previously abandoned a stolen car used in the crimes near several of the robberies and burglaries. They determine that many of the stolen cars came from a neighborhood located in western Kent County, near the City of Kentwood. A closer examination, using N-DEx’s visualization capability and analytical charting tools, reveals that many of these crimes also can be linked by the time of day and days of the month. The investigation team documents these findings and disseminates this information to the appropriate supervisors within each agency (and other neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions).

Outcome The joint investigation facilitated by N-DEx’s capabilities and services leads to a group of crack cocaine addicts working out of Kentwood, resulting in multiple arrests for robbery, burglary, drug possession and car theft in multiple locations along a path between Kentwood and downtown Grand Rapids, in Kent County, Michigan.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx allows investigators to discover relationships between multi-jurisdictional crimes. The Collaboration capability allows multiple agencies to share information on matters of mutual interest to further empower N-DEx’s Analytical and Visualization capabilities. Investigators are able to match additional cases and information in a joint effort, and then focus on crime relationships within regional “hot spots.” The Incident Correlation service helps investigators in multiple jurisdictions bridge the connections between crimes, cases and activities within each of their agencies.

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