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Scenario 15

Visualization – Scenario 15

Scenario 15 Record Search & Relationships
Capability Entity Correlation; Search (Person); Visualization
Data Arrest/Booking; Incident Report
Crime Murder
Functional Areas Tactical; Operational

Houston, Texas patrol officers arrest a man, who identifies himself as Ray Mitchell, on a charge of murder for killing another man in a bar fight. Mitchell provides arresting officers with a date of birth of June 6, 1976, an SSAN of 234-56-7777 and an address of 7 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas. During the booking process, arresting officer runs an NCIC and III check on the name Ray Mitchell and finds that Mitchell has an extensive criminal history. NCIC shows that there are fingerprints on file, but the man does not have any active arrest warrants.

Mitchell is booked and fingerprinted and detectives submit his prints electronically to IAFIS. IAFIS responds that there are no fingerprint records on file for the person who is identifying himself as Mitchell. Detectives search N-DEx based on the data they have in an attempt to learn the true identity of the man. They display a visualization of Mitchell’s past known relationships, and discover that on three occasions, officers from the Dallas PD have responded to the Elm Street address in Dallas on domestic disturbance calls. In two of those instances, police arrested Mitchell’s stepfather for assaulting his wife. Responding officers included witness statements from family members in their arrest reports. One of the witnesses was Vincent Mitchell, Ray Mitchell’s brother. Detectives obtain a drivers license photograph of Vincent, using standard police procedures separate from any N-DEx processes. The photograph reveals the person in custody in Houston was actually Vincent Mitchell; not his brother, Ray Mitchell.

Outcome N-DEx helps police discover the true identity of a man charged with murder as the result of information provided to N-DEx from another jurisdiction.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx provides the capability to search for records based on personal identifiers and determine associations and relationships between people contained in multiple incident reports. (The integrated response can come from the information input into N-DEx as well as leveraging information available within systems such as NCIC, IAFIS, III, et.al.). Cross jurisdictional searching of records assists in resolving that the person in custody is Vincent Mitchell and that Ray Mitchell and Vincent Mitchell are two different people.

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