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Scenario 12

Search – Scenario 12

Scenario 12 Search (Integrated Results/Mug Shot Retrieval
Capability Search, (Entity Inquiry - Person)
Data Arrest/Booking Reports; Incident Reports; Criminal History Records
Crime Drug Smuggling
Functional Areas Operational
Scenario The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) office in the U.S. Territory of Guam receives a tip that a narcotics trafficker named Jesse James is moving to Guam to set up a smuggling business. The tipster warns that James frequently changes his appearance.
Outcome The DEA agent searches N-DEx for persons with the last name of James with drug investigations and discovers a person by the name of Jesse James has been arrested four times on drug charges in three different counties in Texas and one county in Oklahoma. The agent searches James' name and N-DEx displays integrated results, which includes a summary of all information concerning James including mug shot photographs that show how James changes his appearance over time. N-DEx displays arrest photographs of James from Matagorda County in 1999, Bailey County in 2001, and Dallas County in 2003, but Oklahoma County did not enter their mug shot of James into N DEx. Access to these photos and other information (e.g., aliases) about James increases the probability that James will be recognized during a sting operation.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx provides a summary of information on Jesse James from all the records available to N-DEx. (The integrated response can come from the information input into N-DEx as well as leveraging information available within systems such as NCIC, IAFIS, III, et.al.). The agent is able to select and view all mug shots from all records associated with Jesse James and hyperlinks to other records and files. For example, when the agent clicks on an alias, the record where that alias resides is retrieved.

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