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Scenario 11

Search – Scenario 11

Scenario 11 Search - Tattoo Identifies Home Invasion Suspect
Capability Search; Visualization (mug shots, tattoo photos)
Data Arrest/Booking Report; Criminal History; Incident Report
Crime Home Invasion
Functional Areas Operational

Patrol officers in Los Angeles stop a vehicle for a traffic violation, discover it is a stolen vehicle and arrest the driver, Richard Coleman. During booking, police photograph Coleman’s face and tattoos on his hand and neck. They enter a description and photographs of the tattoos into the booking record.

Three weeks later, investigators in Denver are working a home invasion case where a male in a ski mask broke into the home of an elderly couple and beat and robbed them. Although they never saw his face, the victims told police the perpetrator had a spider tattoo on his right hand and the name "Goldie" tattooed across the back of his neck. Denver investigators perform an N-DEx search, using the only information they have - the sex of the perpetrator as well as the locations and descriptions of the tattoos.

Outcome N-DEx locates a tattoo match in the Los Angeles booking report and returns information on the criminal history of Coleman, including descriptions, locations, and photographs of his tattoos and his mug shot. As a result, Denver investigators identify the perpetrator of a serious violent crime.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, the N-DEx Search capability enables investigators in one jurisdiction to find information that identifies a suspect arrested on an unrelated charge in another distant jurisdiction.

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