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Scenario 10

Search – Scenario 10

Scenario 10 Advanced Search – Narrative Search Brings Investigators Together
Capability Search (Advanced, Keyword/Phrase, Results Filtering); Entity Correlation
Data Incident Report; Investigative Reports
Crime Serial Armed Robbery
Functional Areas Operational

A Detroit Police Department detective is investigating a string of gas station robberies in which a male with a handgun threatens employees before fleeing with cash. The commonality to the robberies is that the man always wears a Milwaukee Brewers baseball cap and a black jacket.

The detective searches N-DEx for the phrases " Milwaukee Brewers” and the words “jacket”, “cap”, “hat”, or “ball cap.” N-DEx returned too many results for effective analysis so the detective refined the search to specify a geographical area, Michigan and neighboring states. N-DEx locates a file about an FBI investigation in Chicago into a serial bank robber who wears a Milwaukee Brewers cap.

Outcome N-DEx provides the Detroit detective with contact information for the FBI agent investigating the matter which potentially involves the same suspect.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx searches all records, including the available “narrative” information within incident records and produces a list of ranked results. This advanced search capability allows for filtering results and the production of a list of ranked results to the user. Since the words “Milwaukee Brewers” and “cap” and “jacket” are contained in the investigate report in close proximity, this record is ranked higher than other results.

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