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Scenario 1

Entity Correlation – Scenario 1

Scenario 1 Entity Correlation (Tabular and Graphical)
Capability Entity Correlation; Search; Visualization (including “drill down”)
Data Arrest Reports; Probation Records; Incarceration Records
Crime Money Laundering
Functional Areas Operational
Scenario Fernando Cortez fails to report for his voluntary surrender in Denver, Colorado, to begin a seven-year prison sentence for money laundering, and police enter an arrest warrant into NCIC. Officers search N-DEx for people connected to Cortez derived from the information contained in incident reports and other criminal justice reports previously entered into N-DEx. N-DEx finds the names, addresses and other identifiers of more than 100 associates of Cortez. The officers sort the results by those with the highest number of associations to Cortez and asks N-DEx to display the results on a map. Edna Cortez, the fugitive’s mother who visited him every month of his incarceration, lives on the San Felipe Indian Reservation near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Outcome Officers in Denver contact San Felipe Indian Reservation tribal police who speak with Edna Cortez. They learn that she has been in contact with Fernando and agrees to make an effort to convince him to surrender.
N-DEx Process that Allows Outcome See diagram below.

As depicted, N-DEx presents users with all known relatives and associates of a subject from all available records within N-DEx, including incident reports, arrest records, corrections records and parole records. (The integrated response can come from the information input into N-DEx as well as leveraging information available within systems such as NCIC, IAFIS, III, et.al.). N-DEx also provides a visualization of the relationships in a graphical representation that helps users analyze complex relationships and allows them to “drill down” to obtain specific information on persons of interest (in this case, the mother).

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