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Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC)

Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC)
RISC Rapid Search

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In the fall of 2011, the FBI CJIS Division will implement the RISC Capability as part of the Next Generation Identification Increment 2. This milestone will deliver the majority of the functionality planned for the RISC Rapid Search capability. Increment 2 supports both RISC rapid searches received as a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) request or an Extensible Markup Language (XML) EBTS Web Services request.

Future Capabilities: 

  • Cascaded Search of the Unsolved Latent File
  • Provide Photos with a RISC Response

How RISC Works

RISC supports rapid mobile identification searches using a minimum of two or maximum  of ten fingerprint images (flat or rolled) against a population which currently includes:

  • Wanted Persons
  • Sexual Offender Registry Subjects
  • Known or appropriately Suspected Terrorists
  • Other Persons of Special Interest

Search results are sent to the requestor in seconds using a Red/Yellow/Green response format.

Red = Highly probable candidate

Yellow = Possible candidate

Green = No candidate in the RISC

Current RISC responses include the Red/Yellow/Green flag, the category of hit, the Master Name, the FBI Number, the response caveats, and limited NCIC information. The RISC Rapid Search service supports multi-tiered enrollment and dissemination policies and maintains unique identities for the individuals enrolled in the repository.

Mobile ID Deployment Resources

1. Web Services: for more information, contact the NGI Program office at (304) 625-3437.

2. https://www.fbibiospecs.org/

Provides links to:

  • Technical Specifications Document for the RISC Pilot Project
  • NIST Mobile ID Best Practice Recommendation Document
  • IAFIS Certified Products List (filtered for Mobile ID)

RISC: Rapid Search

The Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) Rapid Search enables law enforcement and partnering agencies to quickly assess the level of threat an encountered individual poses and returns a response to the requestor within seconds.

Success Story

Houston Police Department officers stopped a vehicle for defective tail lights. The driver had no identification and provided a false name. The subject’s girlfriend also provided the same false name for the driver. The subject then provided his mother’s phone number to the officer who called the driver’s mother only to receive another false name. The officer was unable to locate records associated with the names provided. During this time, a unit with a mobile fingerprint device arrived at the scene and fingerprinted the subject. Through the RISC rapid search, officers determined the subjects “correct” name and discovered a felony warrant for Forgery of a Commercial Instrument issued by Harris County. The subject was arrested and the girlfriend was also charged with Hindering Apprehension for repeatedly giving the false name for the driver. Additionally, an SKS assault rifle was recovered from the trunk of the vehicle.



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